Welcome to Achaika Plastics!

Welcome to Achaika Plastics S.A.

Achaika Plastics is an establish company plastics packaging company established on 1984 after the merge of the following companies:
  • Thanassoulias Bros Ltd. Founded in 1960.
  • Thanassoulias and Sons founded in 1956.
  • Imports - Exports I. Thanassoulias Ltd. Founded in 1965.
In our days there are 3 production factories. The first one (and the central offices) are located at South - West of Greece, in town of Egion and the other two factories, at North - East of Greece in Komotini town. The area in which Achaika Plastics lays total, (with offices and warehouses at capital of Greece in Athens) is 65,500 square meters.

For a world in motion, Let’s respect the earth

Our industry is clean. The raw material polyetylene is made up of carbon and hydrogen which is chemically neutral and doesn’t release any noxious substance into the environment. To day the environment is a great concern. Our plastics industry is committed to the protection of the environment and therefore, for than 15 years, we have been paying attention to the recycling of all our production waste.
Proof of this can be seen in the ISO 14001 CERTIFICATE which was obtained in September 1999.

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